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Captain Brian Cox commanding the 9thTexas  Regiment of Infantry














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The Ninth Texas as it moves out over the field of battle.

An Elite Civil War Reenacting Unit
We are an organized group of folks interested in recreating the life of the American Civil War soldier, circa 1861 to 1865, in camp, in drill, on the march, and in battle. We not only assist the general public in understanding the military events of the War, we have a blast doing it!

Today, the 9th Texas is one of the premier reenacting units in the Midwest with members from Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri.  The 9th prides itself on offering authentic and diverse battle and living history impressions.  Come join us -- the only obligation is what you owe to yourself to see what you have been missing.

We honor our forefathers be they "Johnny Reb" or "Billy Yank."

Although the usual impression of the 9th is that of a regular army Confederate regiment, we also portray the Missouri State Guard (a pro-southern unit), civilians, and Yankees, when and as the need arises, and are happy to do so in our role as reenactors.

The 9th is solely an historical reenacting group and professes no political, religious, or cultural affiliations whatsoever.

Federal impression

Federal Impression